Accountability partner?

Good morning,

Here I am, the beginning of  new week.  I’m starting the day off right, with my large glass of water, and my breakfast is finishing up on the stove.  Today’s thought after listening to a podcast in my car today, is that “I am completely in charge of my day.”   Really?  Funny how I seemed to know that, but it never seemed to sink in.  If I require a little bit extra time to fit my workouts in — so do it.  Schedule it in.  MAKE time for it.

After all — I’m trying to take care of the only body we’re given.  You only get one.  :)

So — here I am, sitting at my table (now eating my yummy savory oats) planning out my days, my weeks, to my month.  No excuses.  It’s really easy for me to make excuses — I have so much laundry I should do instead, or I’m too tired, or, maybe if I go to sleep early — I’ll wake up earlier and work out then… he he, to only hit the snooze button until my lovely kids get me up.

So here’s the deal.  I’m seriously going to try my best to post each day, what I’m doing.  You, my readers, will be my accountability partner.  :)  Maybe workouts, maybe some recipes, or even just some valuable quotes / tips how to make your day more productive.  Anything can happen, but ones thing’s for sure — I have to stop wishing, and start doing.

savory oats

Healthy warm savory oats

savory oats

Mmmm…. Want a bite?

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