Eating Clean

What really is “eating clean”?   That word, clean, being used to describe meals and food for the last few years has become more and more popular.

To me, my understanding of it, involves eating unprocessed, whole vegetables, whole fruits whole grains, and lean animal proteins (if that’s your thing of course).  (I promise it doesn’t mean avoiding unwashed fruit from the grocery store, mind you — whole fruit — is definitely a “clean” good, but please wash before consuming)  he he :)

So anyways, the goal obviously in any healthy weight loss involves eating these foods.  Remember the lean animal proteins can be replaced with beans, and other high protein plant based foods.  So, here’s where I’m at — Trying to plan all of my meals around these really simple facts to achieve weight loss.

Since I’m becoming familiar of Team Beach Body’s Shakeology line, my hubby and I have been trying to substitute one shake for one of our 3 meals of the day. (Usually breakfast or lunch)  We like to sit down as a family to eat our dinner together.  We are currently on the vegan chocolate line, and it’s really not bad!  We’re still new to it, but to be honestly the rich, thick, chocolately goodness is a nice treat to replace our less healthy options. (eg, chocolate chip cookies for example)  :)

Anyways, I’ll end this here with a photo of our dinner tonight.  Pretty simple, but oh so yummy.  Brown rice, with some mushroom, onion, kidney beans, and black eyed peas, with lots of kale.  A few drops of sesame oil to finish and some tamari sauce and you’re set!

today's dinner

Brown rice, kale, beans, mushrooms. So simple, but so good!



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