Mmmmmm Chocolate….

It really is a treat each morning to wake up to a Chocolate Shakeology shake each morning.

Why you ask?  Here are 3 good reasons:

#1  Requires no thinking when wondering: “What to do for breakfast?” (or lunch if that’s the case)

#2  So many recipe options to “switch it up” from the original chocolate “plain” flavor.  Click here for link for the shake recipes.

#3.  Makes me feel like I’m starting the day right.  It’s nice when you read the ingredients, and you know it’s helping your body, not destroying it.  This helps me immensely to eat healthfully the remainder of the day.  If I start good, I stay good. :)

Shakeology Vegan Chocolate Ingredients

If you’re interested in learning more about the Shakeology Shakes, or Beach Body’s DVD workouts, let me know, or click the links. :)


Shake Time

Vegan Chocolate Shakeology

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