Still Fat, but not Hopeless.

A few months have passed now that I’ve begun this blog, and sure lots has changed in that time.  There’s having a new baby, along with an energetic two year old running around the house.  But I was really hoping I wasn’t going to fall off the whole food, plant based lifestyle.  I was convinced, this was it.  The blog will help me become accountable in my actions, and I will post a new recipe every day or two to share my creations with others.

Oh the scale...

Well — I still want myself, and my family to become 100% plant based, but I’m afraid my will power gave in.  It’s soooo easy to become distracted and tempted with old foods and habits.  I suppose it all started during the summer when we had friends and family come and visit.  We haven’t really shared the news with others about our change of food groups, and found ourselves avoiding events because of it.  For instance, how do you say no at a pig roast?  It was easier to just avoid.  Or — Summer BBQs or potlucks?  Sure — we were able to bring our approved meals items to ensure there was something for us to eat, and on occasion we even used the excuse of “We already ate at home.”   But me, being me — always seem to worry about what other people think.

I know that’s not the best role to take, but that’s what it came down too.  I found it especially hard when having guests over.  I guess I have a reputation of being a good cook.  I’m proud of that.  I suppose that partially the reason why I decided to start this blog.  I want to show / prove that I can still be that great cook, just with healthier items.  (It’s easy to make something taste good when you can adds loads of salt, butter, and sugar to a recipe)  The challenge lies when you can’t :)

So when having guests over for dinner, I felt somewhat obligated to please them with the foods that they enjoyed.  Steak, maybe some creamy salad, buttery buns, etc.  Sure we did great some nights, we I would leave the dressing off the salad, or grill veggie burgers along with regular ones — but it became really tough.

Hmmm….Actually, writing this — I really feel like this is a lousy excuse.  I know how to make foods healthier, and I should have had a stronger back bone to stick to my guns and a healthier diet.  But I failed, and fell off my plant based wagon.  Chips would find their way back into the house, along with cookies to please the kids.  Even cake and ice cream had their appearance I’m embarrassed to say.

I think I mentioned before I have a mental “reset” button in my head.  For some reason, I would tell myself — “Okay, tomorrow, you’re back on the path.  No more junk.”   But then tomorrow would come, and something would be enticing — and “tomorrow” would never really come.

One positive note, My fridge does not contain milk, butter, or eggs.  Yes, it contains some cheese sticks for my lil guy (who I would love to slowly ween off of) but no meat products.   So – cleaning out the cupboards / fridge for me is fairly easy to get back on the path this time.

I was hoping in the past few months I would have been down 30lbs at least by now, but that is not the case sadly.

BUT—  There’s always a but, right?  There’s really no reason why I can’t go back to eating healthfully and plant based?  It’s not a one time membership which gets cancelled if you stray…  I can do this…  I have hope. :)


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